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All precomputed genome-wide analysis results
Epigenetic functional scoring Epigenetic scoring for whole genome noncoding SNPs
Epigenetic scoring for whole genome noncoding SNPs (ranked over 95% of negative autoimmune SNPs)
SNP2Function Allele-specific motif analysis results for all autoimmune SNPs
All SNPs with significant local molecular QTL association (SNPs located within associated peak region)
SNP2Gene All local or distal target genes for whole genome SNPs with both QTL association and chromatin interaction in blood cell types
All genes with co-localization evidence between 16 autoimmune disease and 7 blood cis-QTL summary data
Gene2Disease SMR analysis results for autoimmune diseases on whole genome genes
Curated disease-relevant function on whole genome genes (for user-defined disease gene exploring)
Immunologically related function on whole genome genes
Gene2Drug All potential druggable genes
All known drug target genes
All drug target or druggable genes with PPI with known drug target genes (for user-defined new drug target or potential drug repurposing prediction)

The fnGWAS pipeline
Integrated scripts with example input data
LD Reference and genome annotation data for pipelines